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How to Host a Gratitude Dinner

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This season, go beyond just saying "thanks." We've partnered with merci® Chocolates to show how a thoughtful gratitude dinner is the ultimate way to express your appreciation to the important people in your life.

When we think of fostering and nurturing relationships, romantic ones often take priority. But showing appreciation for your friends deserves just as much love and attention. You may not get to see and talk to them every day like you do a partner, but they're always there for you when you need them, and their importance in your life should be cherished and celebrated. This season, I wanted to throw my closest friends a gratitude dinner with the help of merci® Chocolates to express how much they mean to me and how they've positively impacted my life.

Aside from just saying a big thank you to my friends, there are a few ways I inspired gratitude in my guests. Ahead, I'm sharing everything I did to show appreciation to the special ladies in my life, from small details like place cards to big moments like guiding meaningful conversations. If you're feeling inspired to host your own gratitude dinner, take it from me: these thoughtful gestures will help you earn that "hostess with the mostest" title and ensure your friends feel the love.