This Hack Shows You How to Make Beautiful DIY Envelopes With Just a Piece of Paper

One of the best parts about celebrating someone or something is the gifts that come along with it. And while the gift itself is usually the star of the show, cards have really stepped up their game recently. And when you buy a card, you need an envelope to put it in. But since the ones at the store are usually plain and boring, there's now a hack to give your envelope a little something extra to set it apart from the rest.

TikTok user Nur-Insan shared this simple yet totally creative way to bring your envelope skills to the next level, and all you need is a single sheet of paper. (Hint: Use the person who is receiving the card's favorite color to really put a personal touch on it!)

This hack goes back and forth between a sequence of different folds that end up creating a beautiful feather-like 3D design. We'd try to explain it step by step, but think it would be easier to just show you. We've seen crafty gift-giving hacks before, but this is definitely one of our favorites. Test it out the next time you're celebrating someone special, and from then on, everyone will know which envelope came from you!