These Marble Caves in Chile Are a Natural Wonder You Have to See

The next place to add to your bucket list: Patagonia, Chile. In a freshwater glacier lake called General Carrera Lake stands a peninsula of marble caves called Capillas de Mármol. The natural wonder has multiple names, including the Marble Cathedral and Cuevas de Mármol, but visitors can agree that the magnificent site is worth the trip.

The carving of the caves is a result of glacier movements millions of years ago. Reflecting the icy blue waters of the lake that's shared by Argentina and Chile, the solid marble caves look almost unreal because of their swirling colors. The intensity of the walls change by water level and depending on the time of year.

The journey to get to these caves isn't the easiest, however. After flying into Santiago, Chile, an additional 800-mile flight to Coyhaique and 200-mile drive on rough roads are required. You'll then need to take a ferry to the actual site. There are several combinations of transport you can take to arrive at the destination, including tours that can guide you the whole way. Regardless of how long the trek is, you'll want to go through all that travel after seeing the photos ahead.

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