Mercury Moving Into Taurus Will Be a Drag — Here's How to Deal

On May 22, in the middle of the Mercury retrograde cycle, the planet will move backward from Gemini into Taurus, where it will remain until the retrograde ends on June 3. This astrological move will be all about your wallet, the way you look, and your willpower — to echo the words of drag icon RuPaul, "you better work!" And, of course, it will have the usual Mercury retrograde MO of revisiting things from the past.

"Taurus is an earth sign so it's about money," Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of "The Love Deck," says — which means "really good time to take charge of your finances or discuss them, to revise your spending, to make a budget." When Mercury moves into the grounded earth sign, "a lot of people are going to be feeling extra lazy," Stardust says.

"There's also going to be a lack of self-confidence that we're all going to be feeling," she says. This could spark a "woe-is-me" state of mind, which you'll need to do your best to snap out of. "When Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, there's a sense that people won't be able to think outside themselves," Stardust says. "Mercury in Taurus aligns with the five of (pentacles) disks tarot card, which is all about not accepting help." That means that during this retrograde, we need to make a point of thinking outside of ourselves, noticing where we need help, and asking for it.

On that note, Stardust says this retrograde is a great time to reconnect with old friends, colleagues, or business partners — they could be instrumental in helping you determine what the next best business move is for you. "It's a really good time to align with people from the past or make necessary changes [to whom you associate yourself with]," she says, since right now is a prime moment to "revise, edit, and rethink."

If you start to feel burned out while putting in all this work, implementing a self-care routine will be your saving grace, Stardust says: "Do things that bring you pleasure, maybe from your youth," the astrologer suggests. (There's something about Mercury in Taurus that will call you back to that time.) "Maybe revisit an old look, like a fashion look or makeup look, that you used when you were younger." Might we suggest the "bump" hairstyle that's been making a steady return recently?

Which Signs Will Be Most Affected During Mercury Retrograde in Taurus?

While everyone will be impacted by this retrograde in one way or another, Geminis, Virgos, Tauruses, Leos, Aquariuses, and Scorpios are going to feel it the most, Stardust says. Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, so "Gemini is just going to be super exhausted," while Virgo is going to feel out of touch, she says: "Which is really disorienting to someone who is a Virgo, because Virgos are usually very 'on it.'"

Tauruses will "feel like everything's falling apart," Leos will find that "a lot of projects are stalling at work," Aquariuses will sense that "their foundation is spinning out of control," and Scorpios are "going to be haunted by exes from the past," she says. Sounds like a fun time, no?

To all those aiming to work through their miscommunication struggles and reengage old connections to make the most of this Mercury retrograde, we'll quote another iconic Mama Ru line: "Good luck, and don't f*ck it up!"