Tarot For Beginners: What Each Minor Arcana Card Means

Starting off your spiritual journey can be an exciting yet overwhelming endeavor. Whether you choose to dive head first into this lifestyle or keep it simple with things like crystals and meditation, it can be challenging to figure out what best fits you. One of these spiritual practices is tarot, which can be intimidating for those new to the metaphysical world — there are a whopping 78 cards in a traditional deck after all! Although this amount might seem insurmountable at first, with enough memorization and practice, you'll eventually get the hang of what each tarot card means.

The standard tarot deck is split into two categories: the major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana represent overarching ideas and larger concepts, while the minor arcana are more specific and can be applied to certain situations in your life. There are 56 minor arcana cards in a tarot deck, each with their own meaning and message. If you're curious to learn more about these cards and how they might apply to your life right now, read on to get a quick overview of each minor arcana tarot card.

Ace of Wands Meaning

The Ace of Wands represents passion and new beginnings. This card encourages you to harness any new desire and drive you may have in order to embark on your journey.

Two of Wands Meaning

The Two of Wands means that you might be wondering what steps to take next in your life, despite your current successes. It serves as a reminder to continue pushing toward your goals and not get caught up in uncertainty.

Three of Wands Meaning

The Three of Wands represents solidity and self-assurance. This card signals that the plans you have in motion are strategic and that you're on the right path, so now is the time to take action.

Four of Wands Meaning

The Four of Wands symbolizes growth, harmony, and celebration. Now that your "garden" has bloomed, this card encourages you to take time for celebrating and enjoying the fruits of all your labor.

Five of Wands Meaning

The Five of Wands signifies conflict, especially rivalry. While some competition can be healthy, be careful not to let disagreements or discord become bigger obstacles than necessary.

Six of Wands Meaning

The Six of Wands represents success and personal achievement. Whether you just fulfilled a major goal or won a tough battle, this card reminds you that it's OK to celebrate and bask in the glory of that victory.

Seven of Wands Meaning

The Seven of Wands represents perseverance and strength in the face of competition. It reminds you to protect what you've worked so hard for, even when others try to bring you back down.

Eight of Wands Meaning

The Eight of Wands represents action and momentum. It encourages you to be assertive, not waste precious time, and get things done.

Nine of Wands Meaning

The Nine of Wands represents courage, protection, and resilience. This card reminds you that you're prepared for the battles that lie ahead, so don't give up on what plans you may have already laid out for the future.

10 of Wands Meaning

The 10 of Wands represents hard work, burnout, and being overwhelmed. You might be burdened with more than you can handle right now, so it may be time to seek support or evaluate where you can begin to lighten your emotional load.

Page of Wands Meaning

The Page of Wands represents discovery and a youthful spirit. This card usually signifies that you're in a phase of growth and experimentation, finding out what you truly want to do next. Explore those big ideas, and let that excitement lead you to whatever comes next.

Knight of Wands Meaning

The Knight of Wands signals inspiration, passion, and impulsivity. While you're feeling confidently inspired and ready to make big moves toward your goals, this card reminds you to be wary of making decisions that may be reckless or impulsive.

Queen of Wands Meaning

The Queen of Wands represents confidence, inspiration, and encouragement. This card reminds you of all the growth and success you've accomplished and that you have everything you need to continue getting what you want.

King of Wands Meaning

The King of Wands represents leadership and skill. Like the teachers, leaders, and mentors you have looked up to in life, you now have the aptitude and knowledge necessary to lead. This card encourages you to step up and trust yourself to do so.

Ace of Cups Meaning

The Ace of Cups represents new love and fulfillment. This card usually signifies a new relationship in your life and encourages you to embrace it and bask in the joy these new beginnings bring.

Two of Cups Meaning

The Two of Cups symbolizes partnership, attraction, and a new connection. You might have met a new love, so enjoy that happiness and let the intimacy "fill" your cup.

Three of Cups Meaning

The Three of Cups represents celebration and friendship. Whether you or a friend have a reason to celebrate, take time to enjoy being with those around you!

Four of Cups Meaning

The Four of Cups represents negativity and contemplation. This card reminds you to let go of the cynicism you might be feeling and reevaluate your mindset.

Five of Cups Meaning

The Five of Cups represents loss, regret, and sadness. It reminds you that although you may feel brokenhearted and lost right now, it is always possible to move on and start again.

Six of Cups Meaning

The Six of Cups represents childhood, compassion, and the past. This card encourages you to gently embrace your inner child in order to do any necessary healing.

Seven of Cups Meaning

The Seven of Cups represents opportunity, choices, and a bit of delusion. You have so many exciting things in front of you, but be careful not to live with your head in the clouds for too long. Stay grounded, and do the work to make those dreams a reality.

Eight of Cups Meaning

The Eight of Cups represents surrender, disappointment, and moving on. You might have poured your heart and soul into something or someone, so realizing that you need to walk away from it now is difficult. This card signals that it's OK to move forward.

Nine of Cups Meaning

The Nine of Cups represents fulfillment, success, and satisfaction. You've worked hard to get everything you wanted, now it's time to enjoy and celebrate those achievements.

10 of Cups Meaning

The 10 of Cups represents harmony, joy, and alignment. This card lets you know that you've worked through the obstacles necessary to make your home life peaceful, and now is the time to enjoy this fulfillment.

Page of Cups Meaning

The Page of Cups signals curiosity, new relationships, and possibility. There is a good chance that someone or something new has popped up in your life and provided a new sense of excitement and opportunity.

Knight of Cups Meaning

The Knight of Cups represents charm, beauty, and romance. Chances are you have probably met someone alluring and exciting, or perhaps you are that person! Just be wary about you or that person chasing the next best thing, and stay content with what you have in your life now.

Queen of Cups Meaning

The Queen of Cups represents emotion, intuition, and compassion. This card signals that you are super in tune with your inner emotional world, allowing you to use that awareness to guide you in your creative endeavors.

King of Cups Meaning

The King of Cups represents empathy, compassion, and acceptance. This card means that you or someone you know are truly succeeding at being an accepting and understanding friend.

Ace of Swords Meaning

The Ace of Swords represents clarity, realization, and new beginnings. This card means that you might be embarking on a new journey, so you should keep your mental clarity as sharp as possible.

Two of Swords Meaning

The Two of Swords represents stubbornness, difficulty, and decision making. You might be in a tough spot or have a difficult decision to make, so don't avoid your problems — work through your emotions, and make the best decision for yourself.

Three of Swords Meaning

The Three of Swords represents emotional pain, heartbreak, or betrayal. You might have been hurt badly by someone recently, or you might have been the one to do the hurting. Either way, this card is a reminder that it's OK to feel your feelings or that you're not causing those bad feelings in someone else.

Four of Swords Meaning

The Four of Swords represents exhaustion and burnout. It serves as a reminder to rest, relax, and recharge.

Five of Swords Meaning

The Five of Swords symbolizes competition, conflict, or disagreement. While you may be fed up with a situation or person, be sure not to hyperfixate on it and let yourself do something you'll regret.

Six of Swords Meaning

The Six of Swords represents change, transition, and difficult decisions. The choice you have before you may be a painful one, but making this transition and change will ultimately be what you need.

Seven of Swords Meaning

The Seven of Swords represents secrets and deceit. Although it's best to keep certain things private or secret sometimes, this card reminds you that it's also crucial to make sure that those white lies or secrets aren't hurting anyone.

Eight of Swords Meaning

The Eight of Swords represents feeling stuck and self-defeat. While it may feel like you're stuck or trapped in a situation right now, the prison is really all in your mind. Free yourself and push forward!

Nine of Swords Meaning

The Nine of Swords represents anxiety, depression, or fear. You might be consumed by these thoughts or feelings, so it may be time to reach out for support.

10 of Swords Meaning

The 10 of Swords symbolizes devastation, pain, and deep wounds. This card signals that you may be feeling hurt right now but that it will pass and make you stronger than before.

Page of Swords Meaning

The Page of Swords represents new ideas and youthful energy. This card encourages you to embrace your wild ideas and determination.

Knight of Swords Meaning

The Knight of Swords represents drive, ambition, and aggression. While it's great to have passion and move toward your goals with confidence, remember to stay in touch with your emotions and the sensitivity of others.

Queen of Swords Meaning

The Queen of Swords represents clear communication and directness. This card symbols that you or someone in your life is unbiased and sees things for what they truly are, so let that clarity lead you in all situations.

King of Swords Meaning

The King of Swords symbolizes truth, authority, and righteousness. This card suggests that strong, diplomatic leadership may be needed to overcome an obstacle.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning

The Ace of Pentacles represents manifestation and abundance. It signals that good things are coming, and now is the time to let them in.

Two of Pentacles Meaning

The Two of Pentacles represents balance and adaptability. There is a lot going on right now, but you are handling it with grace and are in sync with what is needed to keep this sense of harmony.

Three of Pentacles Meaning

The Three of Pentacles represents learning and creative skill. This card means that dedication to growth and understanding is going to pay off.

Four of Pentacles Meaning

The Four of Pentacles represents saving money and conservatism. This card means that, while it's wise to aim for stability and save your resources, it's also important not to let a scarcity mindset get the best of you.

Five of Pentacles Meaning

The Five of Pentacles represents isolation, poverty, and struggle. While you may feel like you're going through a really tough time alone, this card reminds you that there are people and resources out there ready to help you — you just have to be willing to accept it.

Six of Pentacles Meaning

The Six of Pentacles represents success, wealth, and generosity. You may have had some major success and financial triumph lately, but remember to be careful with your habits while staying generous.

Seven of Pentacles Meaning

The Seven of Pentacles symbolizes long-term projects and investment. This card reminds you to see the bigger picture and not get too wrapped up in the details of whatever you've been spending so much time and energy on.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning

The Eight of Pentacles represents development and mastery. This card reminds you to not procrastinate and continue working on the skills or self-improvement you've been growing so that you can enjoy the benefits.

Nine of Pentacles Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles represents luxury, success, and abundance. You've done the work to get to a solid and successful place, so now might be the perfect time to treat yourself and enjoy it.

Ten of Pentacles Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles represents financial security, family, and peace. This card means that things are coming together and that you've done more than enough to create a sense of peace and harmony.

Page of Pentacles Meaning

The Page of Pentacles signifies development and manifestation. This card reminds you to take concrete action to set your dreams into motion and make them a reality.

Knight of Pentacles Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles represents work ethic and productivity. This card encourages you to keep up the good work and remember to enjoy the process.

Queen of Pentacles Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles represents nurture, generosity, and stability. This card reminds you to use the fulfilled and secure life you've created to support others around you.

King of Pentacles Meaning

The King of Pentacles represents wealth, discipline, and abundance. If you are in this situation, this card reminds you to be generous with the success you've found.