This Astrology TikToker's Zodiac Sign Pyramid Videos Are Brutally Funny

For fans of Lifetime's "Dance Moms," a classic tenet of every episode is forever seared into our memories: pyramid. Something as seemingly innocuous as an arrangement of white paper covering each dancer's headshot — and the blatant favoritism used to organize it — induced anxiety, tears, and more than a few heated arguments among the cast and viewers alike. While the show ended in 2019, pyramid has seen new life on TikTok. Creators have flooded the app with "Dance Moms" pyramid memes and parodies, ranking everything from beauty products to TV show characters to exes and slinging roasts more brutal than Abby Lee Miller's worst. Among them is 22-year-old astrologer Myah Seay (@aresmontgomery on TikTok), whose zodiac sign pyramid videos have recently drawn in hundreds of thousands of views.

"I saw a bunch of different videos ranking products with a sound from 'Dance Moms' in the pyramid format. Then, I saw videos of different PowerPoints ranking the 'Euphoria' characters after each new episode," Seay, a "Dance Moms" fan herself, tells POPSUGAR. "I figured I could easily do the same thing with the different [zodiac] placements, so I created the pyramid and made my commentary."

Seay's own fire- and air-filled zodiac placements make her viral, funny astrology platform seem kismet. As a Libra Sun, Aries moon, and Gemini rising, Seay's commentary is sharp, witty, and creative. You uncover just as much about yourself learning why your rising sign is second-to-last on Seay's pyramid as you would reading your own birth chart on Cafe Astrology. And the punchline is often so hilariously true, you don't even care . . . unless you're a misunderstood Gemini, maybe. "Even though my pyramids have totally dragged Gemini placements through the mud, I do genuinely think Gemini energy is misunderstood," she says. "It's easier to call a Gemini chaotic or crazy than it is to try to keep up with their wit and need for new information." That said, Seay made clear that her satirical pyramids obviously aren't gospel, and a one-minute video can't possibly squeeze in years of knowledge.

"The biggest misconception I think people have about astrology is that it's not complex or specific."

Although her zodiac pyramids are her most recent spin on astrological roasts, Seay has delivered hysterical takes on each sign's worst (and best) characteristics since her first astrology video on TikTok garnered 1.2 million views in 2019. "I literally just made a video that I personally thought was funny and had no idea that I'd ever go viral," she says with 8.9 million collective likes on her videos and as her follower count sits at a cool 134,500 and counting. Of course, Seay's content is lighthearted and comical, but her zodiac prowess goes beyond poking fun at a Cancer for being emotionally needy.

"The biggest misconception I think people have about astrology is that it's not complex or specific," she says. "Reading a horoscope that's meant to be general is not the same thing as having a skilled astrologer synthesize your chart with all the planets, points, and aspects together. There are so many different techniques and so much math that goes into [astrology]. Sun signs are just part of it, and there's a lot to learn."

Seay's felt passionately about astrology since she was young. Coincidentally, reading her horoscopes were the tipping point for her full-fledged deep dive into the craft. She learned her birth chart and, stunned by the accuracy, she kept digging. The more she read, the more she understood herself. "It was almost like I couldn't stop studying. I read articles online, got a bunch of different books, and eventually got my first birth chart reading from an astrologer in the spiritual community on Twitter," she says. "I continued to practice with my own chart and put all the information I gathered together, and my friends and family let me practice with theirs. Their support and the reactions they had to my interpretations made me very confident."

Judging from Seay's social traction, her friends and family aren't the only ones loving her astrology hot takes. Ahead, watch some of Seay's most viral zodiac videos and prepare to be hooked.