Starbucks-Lovers, Take Note: Starbucks Rewards Are Changing

Loyal Starbucks fans, if you're already a part of the Starbucks Rewards program, you may want to spend your stars in the next week — after that, they'll get less bang for your buck. On Feb. 13, Starbucks Rewards changes are coming. And since it can be tough to keep track of exactly what those stars will earn you, we're breaking down the rewards updates.

How the Starbucks Stars Work:

How you earn stars isn't changing. As long as you scan your Starbucks Rewards before paying, every $1 you spend via cash, credit, debit, or mobile pay on menu items, including mugs and coffee beans, will earn you one star. If you pay using a Starbucks card in the app, you'll earn two stars per $1. Plus, Delta SkyMiles members who link their apps will be able to earn miles as they spend.

Starbucks Rewards Changes

Certain things are remaining unchanged: you'll still be eligible for a free birthday treat, for instance, and free refills on hot or iced coffee and tea. You'll also be able to get a drink customization (think: an extra espresso shot, dairy substitute, or flavored syrup) for 25 stars, and certain Starbucks merch will continue to cost 400 stars.

But it'll take more stars to cash in other items. For instance, it'll take 100 stars to buy a bakery item, instead of 50 stars. Lattes, cold brews, and other handcrafted coffees, as well as hot breakfast items, will cost 200 stars instead of 150. Lunch sandwiches, packaged salads, and protein boxes will cost 300 stars, instead of 200.

The good news? Some items will actually cost fewer stars. So you can now get iced coffees and iced teas for 100 stars instead of 150, and bags of coffee for 300 stars instead of 400.

Why did they make the changes? During the Feb. 2 earnings call, Brady Brewer, Starbucks executive vice president and chief marketing officer, said that the new tiers "better align the cost of product redemptions to our current pricing."

— Additional reporting by Mirel Zaman