Panera Released a "Swim Soup" Line For Summer, and We Knead That Bread-Bowl Pool Float

Dreams do come true if you're a bread-lover! Panera Bread released the Swim Soup Collection for summer, and it contains the closest thing we have to swimming in our favorite soup . . . a bread-bowl pool float! The $20 tubular float, which includes a golden-brown "crust" on its rim and a softer-looking bread interior, is a carb fanatic's fantasy fulfilled — can you imagine floating around your pool in a gigantic bread bowl? The Swim Soup line doesn't stop at just its bread-bowl pool float, either. You can also pick up swim trunks and a one-piece with a broccoli and cheddar design, green swim trunks, and a one-piece that reads "SOUP" (in other words, you can literally become broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl). If this line has your taste buds in a tizzy, check it for yourself at

Swim Soups