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Things to Do During the COVID Pandemic in 2020

Our Editors Share the Things They Did in 2020 That They NEVER Thought They'd Do

Things to Do During the COVID Pandemic in 2020
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly
Product Credit: Bondir Mask, Sonix

In the midst of this most unpredictable year, many of us adapted to the twists and turns in our own unpredictable ways. We found solace in new hobbies, streaming entertainment, and skills, sometimes surprising even ourselves with what we learned, experimented with, and became passionate about in 2020.

As our own POPSUGAR editors reflected on this monumental year, it was the things in our lives that we truly didn't see coming that were most memorable. We found ways to stay healthy and happy at home, we celebrated milestones over Zoom, we uncovered hidden talents, and yes, we crafted, we baked, and we puzzled.

While we're happy to turn the page on a year that has brought so much pain, stress, and loss, we're also grateful for the unexpected triumphs and moments of joy (and humor) we experienced this year despite it all. From making a purse out of Kraft Singles to getting an at-home Brazilian from a partner, we're sharing the one thing each of us did this year that we never thought we'd do. It was a wild ride, ya'll. Thanks for the memories, 2020.

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