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The Most Popular Recipes of 2020

These 47 Recipes Were 2020's Biggest Hits — and Yes, Banana Bread Is on the List

Sourdough Bread
Image Source: Alexandra Cooks

If 2020 didn't get you into the kitchen, we don't know what will. With stay-at-home orders sweeping the country for most of the year, newfound chefs and bakers came out of the woodwork looking for recipes to take up their time and provide them with some sweet homemade happiness. This year more than ever, bread recipe searches spiked while people took to sourdough starters and way-too-ripe bananas to occupy their time and fill their kitchens with freshly baked slices of their labor. Comfort foods were cooked up in ovens across with country with mashed potatoes, rich ravioli, and warm cookies adorning dining room tables. Everything from Disney's very own Ratatouille recipe to Chrissy Teigen's famous banana bread (literally) hit home this year, proving that during tough times, food is always the answer.

If you're in search of your new favorite recipe or just want to see what this year was all about, look no further than these trendsetting recipes that defined 2020. From POPSUGAR editor favorites to the most-searched recipes of the year, these ideas are fit for stay-at-home-foodies of all kinds. Check out the best recipes of the year, ahead.

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