Just 33 Beautiful Photos of Spring to Remind You That It's Coming

You heard the groundhog — Spring will be early this year, which means those of us who live in chilly cities will get to defrost soon. And with the change of the season typically comes lots of new beginnings: new flowers popping up everywhere, spaces getting organized thanks to Spring cleaning, swimsuits being bought for the Summer months ahead, etc. It's also a great time to revisit any resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year and recommit to them, or even add on a few new ones if you're feeling inspired. Basically, Spring brings back the sun we thought was gone forever and causes everything around us to bloom and explode with beauty. So, get ready to pack away your space heater and say goodbye to your light therapy lamp until the leaves fall again, because warmer days are ahead. But just in case you don't remember what it's like to feel warm air on your cheeks, we put these beautiful springtime photos together to help jog your memory.