This Australian Island Is Filled With Friendly Quokkas — and You Can Take Pictures With Them!

Take a moment to picture the cutest animal you've ever seen. Now, multiply its cuteness factor by about 17 trillion, and you've got the quokka. Dubbed "the happiest animals on earth," quokkas are one of the main reasons tourists flock to Rottnest Island in Western Australia. The furry, pint-sized marsupials (which is the fancy word used to describe mammals that carry their young in a pouch, BTW) are always willing to ham it up for the cameras and take selfies with visitors — and they usually look like they're smiling for the photo opps!

The furry quokkas of Rottnest Island sort of look like a cross between a groundhog and a wallaby, making for one adorable creature that'll steal your heart faster than it snatches leaves from the trees for an afternoon snack. If you're planning to visit Rottnest Island in the near future, we've got a few tips to pass along regarding your imminent quokka selfie adventure:

  • Quokkas are everywhere on the Australian island. Simply wait near one and let it approach you, not vice versa.
  • If you happen to come across a particularly camera-shy one, don't tempt it with food or water. Just find another nearby.
  • Don't touch the quokka, no matter how tempted you may be to pet its furry coat.
  • If you have one, use a selfie stick to snap your #quokkaselfie so you can capture its entire tiny body.

Ahead, catch a glimpse at Rottnest's quokkas in all their glory, and you'll definitely feel inclined to book a one-way ticket to Australia ASAP. Get ready for your heart to burst from a cuteness overload in 3, 2, 1 . . .