This New-Moon-in-Gemini Baño Will Help You Clear Mind Clutter

Getty/Tim Robberts
Getty/Tim Robberts

It's Gemini season. As we welcome the twins to the forefront of our astrological transits, we can reflect on how the new moon in Taurus helped to ground us and raise awareness of our connection to Earth. Now, the Gemini new moon swoops in to shift the energy from rooting down to deep diving into the mind. The Sagittarius full moon ushered in a wave of optimism and creativity, which made for a smooth transition from Taurus to Gemini season.

We can carry that explosive energy from the Sag full moon into this new-moon-in-Gemini energy. That full moon provided the space we needed to shed old skin and leave behind those patterns that were creating blocks along our path. Now that the space is clear, we can explore the depths of our minds to discover hidden desires and our thirst for knowledge. What have you been wanting to learn? Gemini season is excellent for absorbing new ideas, concepts, and perspectives about our lives and this human journey.

Think of this new moon as a contractor; your mind is the property that needs little love and care. Gemini will help renovate and clear the mind space so you can see what you want to invite into your life. The third sign in the zodiac is the first mutable sign, meaning there's more flexibility and a willingness to be adaptable to change. Embrace this season and all that comes from being more mindful in your day-to-day life, and see how this may positively impact your openness to learn new things and how you relate and communicate with others.

When Is the 2024 New Moon in Gemini?

The new moon in Gemini peaks on June 6 at 8:38 a.m. ET, making it an amazing morning for a new moon practice. Consider slow movements like yoga and deep breathing before diving into meditation. When you return from journeying through the mind, write a list of your wishes, offering clarity and new perspectives.

What Is the Meaning of the 2024 New Moon in Gemini?

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet that focuses on communication, thought patterns, and our willingness to adapt. This journey begins in the mind. Before we can show up as our best selves for others, we need to do some inner work to examine the areas where we can improve and expand.

New moons offer ripe energy for manifesting our dreams. The new moon in Gemini shines a spotlight on learning, communication skills, mental wellness, exciting adventures, and logic.

If you desire improved communication in writing, speaking, listening, and even embracing different opinions, wish for it under the Gemini new moon. Have you been dreaming of a short getaway? Put the energy out there to bring a mini-vacation into your life. It may just be what you need to reboot and recharge before expanding your mind by learning a new skill. Geminis love learning new things! It's an excellent opportunity to do that thing you've been thinking about doing for so long. Push procrastination and self-doubt aside. The twins that symbolize Gemini represent the duality of life — the light and dark, the masculine and feminine, the good and bad. These opposites exist within us as well as in the world around us. It presents us with the ability to be more versatile and open-minded.

When expanding your mind, focus on your ideas and perceptions about relationships with siblings, roommates, classmates, and neighbors. Wish for more ease and open communication within these relationships. Tone down nervousness and overthinking by wishing for a release of self-defeating tendencies and invitation to connect to the breath.

Gemini is associated with the lungs, breathing, and nervous system. So, take special care to become aware of these areas of the body, as well as our hands, arms, and shoulders, and wish for restored health.

What Is the Spiritual Cleansing Prayer to Say During June's New Moon in Gemini?

Great Spirit, I pray for assistance in meditating and going on an inward journey to gain clarity along my path. I want to hear your messages and guidance without my running mind getting in the way. Help me to better navigate an inner dialogue with you, my ancestors, and guides. I am ready to receive the messages. I embrace being a student of life, and I'm excited about what there is to learn next. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So, be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With the New Moon in Gemini?

The Lovers - Just like Gemini, the Lovers tarot card speaks of duality.

Which Chakra Goes Well With the New Moon in Gemini?

Throat Chakra - The fifth chakra coincides nicely with Gemini, which focuses significantly on communication with self and others.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For the New Moon in Gemini


Fenugreek, dill, and parsley herbs

Sea Salt

Epsom Salt


Copal resin

Blue lace agate, citrine, clear quartz crystals

Grapefruit and cedarwood essential oils

Lavender flowers

Yellow candle

Florida Water


1.Begin by cleansing your space with Sage. Allow the sacred herb's smoke to float around your space as you give thanks for its cleansing energy and healing properties. Don't forget to allow the smoke to float around you as well.

2. Burn some copal resin by lighting a charcoal tab and placing it on a flammable surface like a caldron or rock. Allow the tab to become completely gray before sprinkling some copal resin. Give it a few seconds before it starts to smoke. As the smoke floats around your space, you can give thanks and ask for the copal to help you deepen your state of meditation. You can also invite your spirit guides as the copal is a beautiful offering to them.

3. Now that your space is ready, you can prepare your baño. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add one cup of sea salt and one cup of Epsom salt. Mix it in with your hands until it dissolves. Pray and set your intentions as you do so. Remember that water has memory and will hold your precious words, so speak kindly to yourself and create a loving vibe.

4. Next, add a few good handfuls of herbs, several drops of essential oils, and three to four splashes of Florida Water, and mix in with your hands.

5. Sprinkle lavender flowers all over the top of your baño. Not only will it look pretty, but it can send loving energy your way to uplift your spirit even before you submerge.

6. Finally, create a Gemini new moon altar by placing some lavender in a vase alongside your yellow candle and crystals. Strategically place your crystals around the vase and candle. Don't overthink it. Your soul will know exactly where they should go. Light your candle as you pray or set an intention for everything you wish for under the new moon.

7. Soak in the baño for 20 to 40 minutes. If possible, air dry afterward. If not, dry with a light-colored towel. Find a comfortable spot to meditate following your cleanse. Remember that the copal created space to go deeply inward and declutter the mind.

8. Sit in meditation for as little as five minutes. Then, write down everything you wish for under the Gemini new moon and place that list under your yellow candle. Rest easy and trust that the universe has your back.

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