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Staffers Share What They're Freeing Themselves From in 2021

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We've partnered with Patrón Tequila to help you resolve to put feeling good first this year by enjoying a cocktail made with their additive-free tequila. Give yourself peace of mind with Patrón Tequila, handcrafted tequila that has nothing added, and nothing extra

This past year was *clears throat* a difficult year, to say the least. As we move into the new year and attempt to set new intentions, the challenges from 2020 remain at the forefront. It can feel overwhelming to focus on new goals — New Year's resolutions come with the weight of expectations, and no one needs added stress after last year.

Rather than putting pressure on yourself to fulfill a resolution, we're encouraging you to free yourself from what's no longer serving you. To start these Free February journeys, we looked to our staffers to lead the way. Some decided to release themselves from draining relationships, while others focused on momentary freedoms, such as enjoying a cocktail with ingredients that make them feel good, like additive-free Patrón Tequila. Before beginning your own Free February journey, scroll through to read what our staffers are leaving behind in the new year.