7 Taurus Traits That Explain Everything to Know About the Zodiac Sign

Astrology can often seem like it knows you better than you even know yourself. After all, your zodiac sign has a way of revealing your personality traits, strengths, and even which signs you're most sexually compatible with. If your birthday happens to be during Taurus season, which falls between April 19 and May 20, this means your zodiac sign is headstrong and practical Taurus. But being headstrong and practical are only a few of the more notable Taurus traits.

As reliable earth signs, the Taurus personality is known for being hard-working, stable, and drawn to materialism. They crave comfort and security, which explains how they got their homebody reputation. Plus, a major Taurus characteristic is that they're all about aesthetics and living a fancy lifestyle; it's no secret that Taurus's have a soft spot for nice things. At times, the not-so-great Taurus personality traits can include being stubborn or likely to have a temper, but they're typically patient and compassionate.

To dive deeper into Taurus traits, we spoke with astrologers Tamerri Ater and Tara Bennet to unravel more about the Taurus personality. Here's everything you need to know about key Taurus characteristics below.

What Is a Taurus?

If your birthday falls during Taurus season, which is from April 19 to May 20, this means that you are a Taurus. Right behind Aries, Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac, and the sign is represented by the bull. "Much like the bull that represents [Taurus], this earth sign is strong and resilient," Bennet says.

Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the plant of love, beauty, and pleasure. This means that the Taurus personality is "connected to appealing to the five senses," Ater says. "High-quality food, textures, music, and atmosphere can be the keys to winning a Taurus's heart."

What Are Taurus Traits?

They're dependable. A key Taurus personality trait is that they will always follow through on their plans. "They don't change their routine easily, so if they agree to something, they'll move heaven and earth to be there," Bennet says. In other words, they will see every commitment through to the finish line, which makes for a great BFF or business partner.

They're sensual. Of course, this extends to the bedroom, but Taurus's are also sensual in other facets of their life too. "They savor their food, enjoying its smell, texture, and aesthetic appeal," Bennet says. "Everything Taurus does takes each of the senses into account."

They're grounded. Ruled by the second house of security, Taurus's need stability. They have a knack for rooting themselves in nature and the present moment. Additionally, they're pragmatic and can generally see things objectively. "Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which means they are as stable and rooted as they come," Ater says. "Earth signs are the practical builders of the zodiac, and Taurus people come across as solid and supportive."

They're tough. Taurus's have a strong head on their shoulders, partly due to their fixed-sign nature, which gives them lots of staying power. They stand their ground in the face of adversity, but at times, their headstrong mentality can come off as harsh and insensitive. Taurus's are a lot like the bulls that represent them: slow, steady, and unassuming until angered, Ater says.

What Are Taurus Weaknesses?

They're materialistic. Taurus's are luxurious and crave a lavish lifestyle full of self-care and comfort, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But they need to feel like they're living their best life at all times. "The value they place on material objects can cloud their emotions, and they weigh gifts on value rather than thoughtfulness," Bennet says. That said, there are some positives to their luxuriousness: "They manage their money wisely, planning purchases and choosing items that are timeless," Bennet adds.

They're stubborn. Again, like a bull, a key Taurus trait is that they're bullheaded. They lack the flexibility to change — especially if it compromises their own comfort or happiness, says Bennet. In turn, they can have a bad temper. "Their temper will flare if they feel cornered into doing something they don't want to do," Bennet says.

They're possessive. As you would expect from anyone who is luxurious and materialistic in nature, Taurus's don't like to share. "Taurus are incredibly possessive, over both their possessions and people," Bennet says. In other words, don't expect to borrow any of their clothes without it becoming a fight.

What Is a Taurus's Personality in Romantic Relationships?

One of the best Taurus traits is that they're romantic. Although earth signs are typically practical and realistic, Taurus's can get lost in their romantic fantasies when they're single. When they're in relationships, they'll do what they can to fight for the people they love. "Taurus signs know how to make a partner feel special, and they secretly long for the same in return," Ater says. For a Taurus, their partner is the center of their life and in their every thought, says Bennet. "They offer a drama free environment for their relationship to blossom."

You don't have to worry about Taurus's faithfulness either; according to Bennet, they're incredibly loyal and the least likely zodiac sign to cheat. That said, Taurus's do feel a sense of ownership toward people, especially the ones closest to them. "Jealousy can creep in quickly if they feel a loved one is not totally devoted to them," Bennet says.

— Additional reporting by Taylor Andrews

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