This Hilarious Video Shows What It's Like Social Distancing on Day 1 vs. Day 50

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I may have started out social distancing by doting on my sourdough starter and playing with cool Zoom backgrounds, but doing nothing at all and taking care of my mental health have also proven to be worthwhile hobbies. In a recent video shared to his YouTube channel, comedian Trey Kennedy spoofed the difference between the first day of social distancing and the 50th day, and it's so freakin' relatable. "Have you ever tried a tequila cleanse? It's not as think as you bad it is," Day 50 Trey says after Day 1 Trey suggests a juice cleanse.

From losing all motivation to exercise to making walks around the block the highlight of his day, Trey's video might as well be footage from my actual life over the past few weeks. Watch the full spoof here, and remember to Let. Your. Sourdough. Proof!