Everything You Need to Know About Universal Studios 2021 Halloween Horror Nights

Ready to ring in Halloween? The infamous Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios are back for the 30th year starting on Sept. 3 at Universal Orlando and Sept. 9 at Universal Hollywood, and they're about to be as bone-chilling as ever. On select days until Oct. 31, frightful evenings await those in search of a thrill at both locations. Visits to the parks will include chances to wind through nerve-racking mazes, experience sinister scares, enjoy spine-tingling entertainment, and so much more.

The return of the legendary "Terror Tram" is back, and this year its theme is "The Ultimate Purge," which, what could be scarier? The ride takes horror fans on a chilling journey through The Purge, where anything (bad) can happen. A Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers maze will also be available for thrill-seekers to go through, and trust us, some of them might want to get out before they even step foot all the way in. And that's not all! Universal and Netflix teamed up to bring the Crain family's worst nightmares to life in excruciating detail in Universal Studios' new Haunting of Hill House attraction. The eerie maze is said to echo with the footsteps of entities like The Tall Man, The Bent-Neck Lady, The Ghost in the Basement, and more, making you wonder where exactly is an escape, and more importantly, is it close by? Complete with screams, shrieks, and blood-curdling screeches, only true Halloween fans will find these nights a delight.

If you're ready to experience some nightmare-worthy terror, you can buy your tickets now for Hollywood and Orlando right here to avoid the fear of them selling out. New ticket options are available this year and include the R.I.P. Tour, Ultimate Fear, and Frequent Fear passes, which give Halloween-lovers a frightfully fun front-row seat to experience the most terrifying park attractions. Whether you're looking to be spooked or you just want another excuse to wear your costume, get your passes to Universal's Horror Nights now. Learn more about the attractions ahead, and prepare to be scared.

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Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House at Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Based on Netflix's critically acclaimed supernatural thriller, The Haunting of Hill House attraction will make your blood run cold. "The Haunting of Hill House mazes will test even the bravest guests as they attempt to escape the entanglement of the estate's eternal stranglehold or succumb to the powerful forces of Hill House — leaving them to wander the endless halls forever . . . alone," Universal said in a press release.

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The Curse of Pandora's Box at Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Returning for another year, The Curse of Pandora's Box attraction is back at Halloween Horror Nights, and it's better than ever before. Your greedy side won't be able to resist stepping into this all-original house, which is based on the infamous Greek mythology tale of the same name. You'll enter Pandora's Cabinet of Curiosities, a rundown storefront that houses supernatural and forbidden artifacts. But while it may look fine, evil lurks behind those glass cabinets, and once Pandora's Box is opened, it can never be closed again . . .

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The Exorcist at Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Prepare to see Regan MacNeil at her worst (again) when you experience the return of Universal's immersive take on The Exorcist. The masterminds behind Halloween Horror Nights built the exact facade of the house from the movie, so it's almost as if you're stepping inside the movie's poster as you enter the maze. From there, it only gets more visceral (think: the smell of vomit — yes, really) as you endure room after room of different Regans painfully writhing around on beds in various states of possession. The first few Regans are subdued or animatronic, so when a real-live version of her finally leaps out at you, it's hard not to feel your heart shoot into your throat.

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Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives at Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Feeling alive? We dare you to step inside this scary maze. Inspired by one of Universal's most mystifying monsters, this house tells the story Frankenstein and his stone-cold bride. With thrills, blood, and scares behind every corner, you'll learn the story of some of the most infamous creatures — that is, if you aren't running away too fast.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reveal at Halloween Horror Nights 2021

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house is far and away one of the scariest things you'll 1.) ever experience at any Halloween Horror Nights event, and 2.) ever experience period. You step inside the decrepit home where Leatherface and his family mercilessly terrorized innocent hitchhikers, and see multiple versions of the chainsaw-wielding killer coming at you. One minute he's cutting some poor dude up on a table, the next he's appearing seemingly out of thin air to kindly provide you with a future phobia of power tools. The worst part? Just when you think you're in the clear, another Leatherface is waiting for you outside to deliver a final slice through your nerves.