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Valentine's Day Cards For Everyone You Love

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We've partnered with American Greetings to help you celebrate all the people you love this Valentine’s Day — from your mom to the special someone you just started dating to your work bestie.

If Valentine's Day is all about love, how come we only celebrate the kind of romantic love that Cupid brings about? After all, we all have tons of people we love, but that doesn't mean we're in love with them.

This February 14, go ahead and shower your significant other with long-stemmed roses and heart-shaped chocolates, but don't forget about all the other wonderful people in your life, too. Share the love with these 11 adorable Valentine's Day cards that are perfect for everyone you care about, from the person you just started dating to your roommate to your partner of many years. Whether you're going all in on romance or spending the day celebrating platonic love, there's a card on this list for everyone in your life. Here's to a sweet V-Day!