Your March 6 Weekly Horoscope Comes With an Unexpected Twist

Switching up your routine is always a good thing, especially when you're feeling stagnant and uninspired. And your March 6 weekly horoscope might just push this issue, as the week's astrological transits — namely Mars and Venus's dazzling debut in freedom-loving Aquarius — could disrupt the monotonous energies we've all been working with for some time. To review, Venus, the planet of love, money, pleasure, and sensuality, has spent the last four months transiting through pragmatic Capricorn and began a tough retrograde period at the end of 2021. Usually, Venus tends to be all business and minimal pleasure when in Capricorn, so it's safe to assume we're ready for a change of pace.

Now, the term "expect the unexpected" is a little overrated, but it very much speaks to the vibe of Mars and Venus in Aquarius. Spontaneous and unconventional, this electric synergy can be as inspiring as it is eccentric. Put it this way: if Mars is the planet of action and energy, themes like our individual freedom and sense of belonging in the world are its main driver when it transits through Aquarius.

Apply this energy to, say, a friends-with-benefits situation and Mars in Aquarius is all about the liberation that comes with the experience. Add in Venus's seductive energy that fuels Mars' fire, however, and you might just have an unexpected friends-to-lovers twist on your hands. But, given Aquarius's emphasis on larger community affairs and experimentation, it's best not to get wrapped up in the small things, like flirtatious flings and impromptu advances, this week. Your best bet with this energy is to keep an open mind, especially when it comes to finances and romance.

Fortunately, by the moon's shift into intuitive Cancer on March 11, spending time with your loved ones and coming back home to yourself will more than likely bring you peace after the chaos. This is an opportunity for you to silence the noise and find the nurture you need. Plus, with the moon in harmony with Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces, there will be magic in your acts of compassion and healing in your vulnerability. Be gentle with yourself, and take things one step at a time. You're human, and everything in your life is unfolding exactly as it should.

Wondering what this week has in store for you, specifically? Read on for your weekly horoscope for March 6 through March 12, according to your zodiac sign and your rising sign. For a look at the rest of your weeks ahead, check out your March monthly horoscope, and for a greater look at your year overall, read your 2022 horoscope.

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Aries (March 21-April 19) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

It usually feels like you're starting a brand-new chapter in life every time your fiery planetary ruler, Mars, changes signs, Aries, given it has everything to do with the action you take and the passion that inspires you to do so. Nevertheless, the switch from Mars in Capricorn (your career sector) to Aquarius (your social life) on March 6 will be for the better. With Mars also sitting alongside its main squeeze, Venus, you're prone to being driven by community affairs and your individual freedom at this time. So by all means, feel free to tap into your humanitarian spirit. Your challenge this week, however, could stem from the moon's square to Mars, Venus, and Saturn toward the beginning of the week . . . but not if you're willing to venture outside of your comfort zone and be a team player. Your ability to lead by example is being tested, so trust the fire in your heart.

Tuning into your intuition to guide you is inevitable upon Mercury's shift into Pisces on March 9, but leave it to the mischievous Gemini moon to keep you hung up on facts and not your instinct. Journal your ideas and emotions so you have them to refer back to. On March 10, the first quarter moon in Gemini will meet with taskmaster Saturn, adding a serious undertone to your social interactions and helping you discern between illusion and reality. Research, ask questions, and do your due diligence. The moon slips into sentimental Cancer and your fourth house of home on March 11, simultaneously facing off with the wounded healer, Chiron, in your sign. Things might feel heavy, so don't hold yourself back from having a good cry.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

You're probably hoping to catch a break, Taurus, but there's still some work for you to do this week. You're not a very big fan of change, but trust that it's refreshing when your planetary ruler changes signs, so do your best to go with the flow. On March 6, Venus travels alongside Mars, with both making their dazzling debut in Aquarius via your 10th house of authority and reputation in the world. Boss moves much? Don't sleep on your limitless potential, especially toward the beginning of the week when the moon's in your sign. With the moon at odds with Mars, Venus, and Saturn in your prestigious career sector, though, you may realize your stubborn nature could be affecting your professional success. That is, unless you're open and willing to explore all horizons.

When the moon moves conjunct rebellious Uranus on March 7, you may decide to just go for it and make a big move. The best part? You'll probably shock some of your peers in the process. The moon will also sit alongside Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, so don't disregard any synchronicities. You're onto something, and you can feel it. Keep in mind, despite its trine with transformative Pluto on March 8 — fueling your desire to move forward — the moon will also clash with savvy Mercury. Do your due diligence and think hard before laying everything you're thinking out on the table, but don't let this momentary hiccup take you off course. Staying grounded will benefit you, as will remaining assured in the validity of your talents, money-making abilities, and value systems. People aren't always going to validate your decisions, and that's OK. Trust your vision.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

Take the leap, Gemini. Big things are ahead, and your spirit can't help but thrive off the anticipation, especially as Mars and Venus shift into spontaneous Aquarius via your expansive ninth house of entrepreneurial pursuits. Your may hit a roadblock as the moon faces off with Mars, Venus, and Saturn in Aquarius toward the beginning of the week, glimmering through your inhibited 12th house of dreams and solitude. Whether you're held up on an outdated belief system or a repressed fear you can't seem to shake off, you have to get out of your own head for this to work. Venture out and explore something new.

The moon will also link up with lucky Jupiter and Neptune in your career sector, so this could have something to do with a professional endeavor or a creative opportunity. On March 9, the moon will clash with your planetary ruler, Mercury, so don't make any rash decisions. Inspiring opportunities and creative ideas don't always make sense right away, so keep at it slow and steady for the time being. Spending time in nature to stay grounded will benefit you on March 9 and 10, when the moon squares Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces amid its transit through your sign, because things aren't what they seem. If anything, you're being challenged to balance what you know intuitively and what you know logically.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

Spice things up, Cancer. The week of March 6 kicks off with celestial lovers Mars and Venus making their grand entrance in Aquarius, supercharging your intimate eighth house of mergers and soulmate connections in the process. IRL or digitally, this is an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and maybe canoodle. (Although you could always keep it virtual with no strings attached. In the meantime, while the moon roams through sensual Taurus, it will clash with Mars, Venus, and Saturn on March 6 and 7. Basically, mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea, but sometimes it just happens. Either way, it's always a good idea to set boundaries.

Savvy Mercury slipping into dreamy Pisces on March 9 will bring some momentum and clarity to your ninth house of adventure; it's a good time to work on that fantasy-fiction book or start planning your island-paradise vacay while you're feeling inspired. When the moon's shift into Gemini and your sleepy 12th house of closure, dreams, and rest, take this as your official cue to kick back and clear your head. Just in time for the moon's monthly debut in your sign on March 11, Luna will make sweet aspects to Mercury and Jupiter via your sister sign, Pisces, which means you're bound to end the week on a magical note. Enjoy the glow up, and embody the magic of your water element.

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Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

Your powers of seduction skyrocket under this week's astro-weather, Leo, so if you're not looking for anything serious . . . don't make eye contact. OK, that's a joke, but Mars and Venus' shift into rebellious Aquarius on March 6 will certainly activate your committed seventh house of significant others and, well, shake things up a bit. Whether it be with regard to business or the magnetic chemistry you share with someone, this electric synergy is encouraging you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your hopes and dreams. The catch? The moon goes head-to-head with Mars, Venus, and Saturn on March 6 and 7 while glimmering through Taurus and your 10th house of authority. Focus on genuine connections as opposed to superficial flings.

This advice carries over to Mercury's shift into Pisces, which will ignite your eighth house of intimate unions and energetic exchanges, serving as a reminder to set firm boundaries. Are your connections built on a solid foundation? Tune into your intuition for the answer, especially when it comes to your close relationships. Upon the moon entering Gemini and your 11th house of community, Luna will also square Jupiter and Neptune between March 9 and 10. If something isn't adding up, it's probably not a coincidence. Show up with honesty and integrity in your interactions, and mind your business.

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

After working diligently to discover what really inspires you, you're now being called to refine your talents for the greater good, Virgo. Divine counterparts Mars and Venus will sizzle into socially conscious Aquarius and your sixth house of daily rituals and acts of service on March 6. By all means, commit to a long-term plan, but don't ignore the opportunities that are being presented to you in the moment. The moon's transit through persistent Taurus and its clash with Mars, Venus, and Saturn on March 7 will only emphasize this. Don't attach yourself to a particular outcome. Luna meeting with Pluto the following day will continue to fuel your passions, but its square to Mercury serves as a reminder to multitask responsibly.

Messenger Mercury will make its annual debut in Pisces on March 9, adding hope to your committed seventh house of agreements and significant others. This doesn't necessarily make you any less meticulous in your professional collaborations . . . but maybe it should. After the moon enters Gemini and your 10th house of career on March 9, it'll challenge your relationship sector. Meaning: your innate desire to be so painstakingly strategic could add unnecessary confusion to genuine connections. Fortunately, the moon's shift into intuitive Cancer and your 11th house of friends and community will uplift you with sweet nostalgia and social interactions that feel like home. Your gratitude will bring abundance, and friends will turn into family.

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Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

Put your sparkle on display, Libra. After four months of nesting and adorning your living space, Mars and your planetary ruler, Venus, will debut in your sister sign, Aquarius, bringing abundance to your fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure on March 6. You sure that person is just a crush? While the moon glimmers through your intimate eighth house of soulmate connections, it'll also clash with Mars, Venus, and Saturn until March 7. Just because there are no strings attached to a fling doesn't mean it can't get complicated quickly. Do your best to draw the line between friends and lovers so no one gets hurt. With the moon's conjunction to Uranus, your urge for freedom is undeniable.

The moon will enter Gemini and your expansive ninth house on March 9, quenching your desire to venture into the unknown. However, the moon's square to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces until March 10 might present a challenge in the form of crystallizing your big plans for the future or knowing where to start. After all, you're prone to FOMO and general restlessness with your day-to-day routine. The true source of your inspiration is what matters, so focus on what brings you the most joy, and manifest it. Doing so will work in your favor upon the moon's shift into Cancer and your 10th house of career on March 11 and its meeting with lucky Jupiter on March 12.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

Gather with your loved ones and surround yourself with people who feel like home this week, Scorpio. After focusing hard on professional projects and working diligently on your work tasks, your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, and its divine counterpart, Venus, make a grand entrance in Aquarius on March 6. This dynamic transit offers the opportunity to be your most authentic self alongside the people who support you. But the moon will clash with Mars, Venus, and Saturn until March 27 while activating your committed seventh house of agreements and compromise. Your loved ones may or may not respond well to your choices, but communication is everything. As always, try to be mindful of your conversations.

After the moon enters Gemini on March 9, Gemini's celestial ruler, Mercury, will join the sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces via your romantic fifth house of love and self-expression. Your velvet voice has always been one of your finest attributes, but there's no denying the bewitching energy you're emanating at this time. But for those of you getting carried away, the moon's square to Jupiter and Neptune until March 10 can also be a gentle reminder to pump the breaks a bit. There's nothing wrong with getting your flirt on, but don't get it twisted, especially because things are not what they seem — not right now at least. It might be a good idea to clear your head with a little weekend getaway when the moon enters Cancer on March 11 and joins Jupiter in a lovely trine on March 12. Disconnect and dream a little dream.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

When you start recognizing your worth, Sagittarius, you'll be unstoppable. The week of March 6 kicks off with Mars and Venus sizzling their way into freedom-loving Aquarius and your third house of communication. Be sure to silence those notifications while you work, because your devices are buzzing. This'll be especially necessary considering the moon's square to Mars, Venus, and Saturn toward the beginning of the week, highlighting your sixth house of daily duties. Can't concentrate on your work tasks? If you want to reap the fruits of your labor, push past the temptation to procrastinate. Although for some of you, this square is simply challenging you to think outside the box of your usual routine.

The moon enters curious Gemini and your committed seventh house of significant others on March 9, bringing greater emphasis to your one-on-one connections and your communication style. Got something you need to say? The moon will clash with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, and Neptune, in Pisces until March 10, which means you may not necessarily feel comfortable opening up at this time. You could also be avoiding an unnecessary can of worms, but the good news is, Luna's shift into sensitive Cancer on March 11 will help you find the comfort you seek. Remember, your ability to be vulnerable can bring healing to you and your partnerships.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

You're finally out of the woods, Capricorn. After several months under the spotlight of a tough Venus retrograde, Mars and Venus finally dazzle their way into Aquarius and your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and value systems on March 6. Brainstorming your next business venture? You could be collaborating with eclectic partners or looking to invest in something out of the ordinary. However, while the moon journeys through Taurus and your fifth house of fame, passion projects, and self-expression, it squares Mars, Venus, and Saturn (your planetary ruler) until March 7. You're not a spotlight hogger, but you may be having trouble with the idea of sharing your wins. Ego aside, don't underestimate the potential of your collaborations. If things don't make sense right away, focus on your vision and let the chips fall where they may.

On a brighter note, messenger Mercury joins the sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in dreamy Pisces on March 9, lighting up your curious third house of communication with hope, compassion, and wisdom. Whether creatively or romantically, don't be afraid to look through Pisces's rose-colored glasses, especially those of you looking for inspiration. Fast forward to March 11, when the moon enters Cancer and your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others. Taking the initiative to open your heart to a potential partnership could turn out to be incredibly rewarding, and the moon's trine to Jupiter on March 12 makes it all the more serendipitous.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

Are you ready to make your grand entrance, Aquarius? It's not every day that both Mars and Venus dance through your sign simultaneously. With just the right amount of pizazz, the week of March 6 kicks off with this dazzling duo bringing abundance and inspiration to your personal and professional life. Although the Taurus moon highlighting your fourth house of emotional foundations toward the beginning of the week coupled with the moon's square to Mars, Venus, and Saturn could trigger feelings of limitation surrounding your individual freedom. Instead of dwelling on what feels lackluster, harness the energy of the moon's trine to Pluto in March 8, as it will bring grounding and transformation to the areas you need to heal.

You're in for a sweet treat upon the moon's shift into Gemini on March 9. Sparkling with effervescence in your fifth house of passion, this transit is making you incredibly flirtatious and charismatic at this time. Ironically, though, the moon's difficult square to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on March 9 and 10 could be the reason you're suddenly second-guessing yourself — not that you need to. That said, you could get an unexpected surge of inspiration and, if you're willing to experiment, discover a unique talent in the process. The moon's shift into Cancer on March 11 will touch down on your responsible sixth house of duties and meet with lucky Jupiter on March 12. Remember, there is magic in mindfulness and daily rituals.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Weekly Horoscope For March 6, 2022

Download that meditation app, Pisces. It's the season of your blessed solar return, yes, but with Mars and Venus's shift into Aquarius and your mystical 12th house of dreams, you're also being called to go inward and find your zen. Granted, you thrive in your sacred space, even if that means being more exclusive with your energy and social interactions. Although given the moon's journey through Taurus and its tricky square to Mars, Venus, and Saturn on March 6 and 7, let your friends know you're laying low and catching up on your beauty sleep so they're in the loop. Besides, the moon will also conjunct tech-loving Uranus, so FaceTime hangs are just fine.

On March 9, savvy Mercury will make its official debut in your sign, which is equivalent to the cosmos handing you the microphone. Granted, Mercury isn't necessarily in its element when swimming through your numinous waters, but you don't really mind it. Use this time to cultivate your creativity and intuitive abilities; listen to your playlist on shuffle and ask the universe for lyrical messages. The week ends on a magical note, as the moon enters its home sign, Cancer, and your expressive fifth house of love, romance, and creative musings on March 11. You're thinking hard about someone who has your attention or an art project you've decided to explore. Either way, the moon's harmonious trine to Jupiter in your sign on March 12 reminds you to follow your heart.