I Stay In and Go to Bed Early on New Year's Eve, Because I Just Don't Get the Hype

I'm definitely not immune to the magic of the holidays. I decorate for Christmas way too early, watch as many holiday movies as I can, and love spending time with my family and friends. I feel very thankful every year for the opportunity to celebrate the season with the ones I love, but there's one day in particular that doesn't share the same appeal for me, and that's New Year's Eve. It's a night that's widely celebrated by people all over the world, and usually entails big parties, fancy outfits, cocktails, countdowns, and resolutions of change and renewal. I get the general idea, but I just don't get the hype.

Instead of wearing sequins and going out, I head to bed early and treat the holiday like any other night. And I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

To me, New Year's Eve doesn't feel as genuine or special as Christmas or Thanksgiving. The focus nowadays seems to be on getting dressed up, partying hard into the early hours of New Year's Day, and posting on social media about having the most epic night ever. But instead of wearing sequins and going out, I choose to head to bed early and treat the holiday like any other night. And while that might seem like a lame way to spend the start of a brand new year, I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I find the pressure not to be worth the effort, because in my opinion, it almost always ends in disappointment. The parties are never as fun as I think they'll be, the hangovers are worse every year, and the amount of money I'd spend on a party ticket could be put towards something else — something better — like a vacation or self-care gift. Putting all of that pressure on ourselves to have the best night ever just isn't worth it, because really, it's just another night. And it's one that I'm more than happy to spend in my PJs.

I do know that for a lot of people, New Year's Eve is the time to create resolutions and goals. It's the perfect excuse for a fresh start, and I know that's not a bad thing. Making plans for positive change and exciting new opportunities in our lives is awesome, but we also shouldn't feel the need to completely change who we are. While staying in on NYE, I like to think about and enjoy where I'm at right now and reflect on how far I've come. Sure, there are ways in which I could strive to improve my habits and routines, but overall I think making these grand promises to ourselves adds even more of the aforementioned pressure to the holiday. Go easy on yourself! Change takes time, and it doesn't have to immediately happen on January 1.

When I was growing up, my family celebrated New Year's Eve together at home. We would try (but usually fail) to stay up and watch the ball drop on TV, occasionally light a sparkler or drink cider, and then go to bed. Getting to spend quality time with my family was always my favorite part, and the low-key environment we created for ourselves probably had a big affect on the way I choose to spend the holiday as an adult. And I'm really thankful for that. Everyone should celebrate how they want, and if that means getting dressed up and hitting the town, that's exactly what you should do. But for anyone else who isn't a fan of the holiday like me, know that there's nothing wrong with falling asleep on the couch before midnight. New Year's Day is just that — another day.