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Apple 1970 Bug

Apple Is Releasing a Fix to This Weird and Annoying iPhone Problem

Another week, another weird Apple bug driving people insane and leaving them with useless phones and tablets. Did you try changing the date on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a certain date? If you did, don't stress out too much — Apple is actually acknowledging the problem and offering support to customers.

The bug occurs when someone sets their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch's date back to a time before May 1970. People started to do this thanks to a joke on 4Chan that said a retro Apple logo would show up as a result, reported Gizmodo. Once they did, the device would crash and could be rebooted — but you'd need to go to the Apple Store to fully fix it.

Apple now says it will release a software update that prevents this from happening to any future device. Otherwise, the company is asking people to contact Apple Support to get their device up and running again.

The lesson here? If the Internet asks you to do something to a device you value, maybe think twice before doing it and being left with a useless product.

Image Source: ShopStyle Photography
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