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Comcast Changes Customer Name

Proof That Comcast Does Not Handle Rejection Well

Comcast is in big, big trouble. The cable provider, notorious for having the worst customer service in America, is now in hot water for changing a customer's name from Ricardo to Assh*le Brown. Ricardo's wife, Lisa, contacted Elliott, a consumer advocate blog, after she noticed the change on her billing statement.

The impetus? Trying to cancel Comcast. She tried to deactivate cable, and Comcast said she needed to pay a $60 fee. A representative referred Lisa to a "retention specialist," which are employees charged with convincing customers to stay with Comcast. She didn't comply, and so the billing name changed. Apparently, Comcast is so mortified that it's offering the Browns a full refund for the past two years of service. Yikes.

Comcast is also responsible for the customer service call from hell after one man tried to break up with the company, to no avail. Hopefully, both of these events gone viral will be the push Comcast needs to change its ways.

Image Source: Christopher Elliott
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