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Emoji Loafers

The Emoji Loafers and Clutches You Never Knew You Needed

Emoji Loafers

It's disturbing hard to imagine what life was like before emojis. The way they perfectly reflect what you're thinking with one little character — it's quite magical. (Really, how many times have you felt a deep connection to the dancing girls or see-no-evil monkeys?)

Now you can channel your inner emoji spirit animal thanks to a collaboration between retailer Moda Operandi, handbag designer Edie Parker, and shoe brand Del Toro. The result is a line of modern-day clutches and loafers that are cuter than a blushing kissy face.

Peep them right here, right now, and get excited for tomorrow, when the clutches ($1,595) and loafers ($340) go on sale on the Moda Operandi site. Safe to say this is the only time you'll ever want poop on your shoe . . .

Source: Moda Operandi

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