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Hidden Animals Puzzle

Prepare to Squint For Hours Trying to Find the Hidden Animals in This Painting

Fancy yourself a keen observer? Do you always find Waldo within minutes? Then try your hand at this Playbuzz optical illusion quiz that's driving the internet a little loopy.

The quiz, created by Alan Sherin, features a moving painting GIF. The objective? Find the four hidden animals in it. See if you can find them in the illustration below.

Can't spot them? The four animals are a fox, antelope, bat, and flamingo. The bat, antelope, and fox are all on the rock on the far right. The flamingo is located at the bottom left, near the patch of green grass. It might not be as infuriating as trying to find a cell phone that looks exactly like the carpet it's laying on, but it's pretty damn close.

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