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Karen Gillan Reddit AMA 2014

Karen Gillan on Dinosaurs, Matt Smith's Secrets, and Horse-Sized Ducks

Before she appears in theaters as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy this Summer, Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan stars in the horror movie Oculus, which hits theaters April 11. With so many new post-Amy Pond roles to share with fans, Karen took to Reddit this week for an Ask Me Anything session. While she talked a lot about her upcoming performances, this is the Internet, so Karen was also asked important questions on life such as her favorite sandwich (avocado and chicken); favorite candy (Cadbury cream eggs); and whether she'll marry anonymous Reddit user #26 (not likely). We pulled the best of the actress's visit to the front page of the Internet below.

Source: Twitter user KarenGillan2

Can you tell us one secret about Matt?
"Matt eats a whole packet of chocolate biscuits a night with tea."

Karen! If you were ever at a Comic-Con (not as a guest but as a attendant) what series would you be "nerding out" the most over?
"If The X-Files were at Comic-Con now, I would freak out. Gillian Anderson is the greatest redhead there ever was. I want to believe."

If you could be any alien from the Doctor Who series, which would you be?
"I would be a Silurian."

I loved watching Doctor Who and seeing what color your nails were going to be each episode. Are they real and do you paint them yourself??
"They are real, and I painted them myself every day to save time for the makeup artist."

In Oculus you have a nearly 13-minute monologue, how hard was it to shoot that scene considering you had to do it with an American accent?
"It was the hardest thing I ever had to learn. It took me two months. If you think of the memory like a muscle, I pulled it."

What is the best dinosaur?
"Pterodactyl. They get to fly and be a dinosaur."
Pterodactyls are a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.
"Talk to Spielberg."

Later on Reddit. . .

Source: Twitter user blumhouse

How different is it working on Guardians of the Galaxy from Doctor Who (what are the differences)? You've been involved with both television and movies. Do your goals and desires lay in television or film, and what do you hope to accomplish?
"The differences are, is that the job is exactly the same, but the sets on Guardians were about 10 times bigger. I hope to accomplish good work in both television, cinema, and theater."

The year is 1998. Do you choose PlayStation or N64?
"PlayStation all the way."

Would you ever come play a game with us on my show Tabletop?
"Sounds like fun! Will there be beer?" (Not fair, this question comes from Wil Wheaton!)

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck? Or 100 duck-sized horses?
"Definitely a horse-sized duck. I just think a giant duck is brilliant."

Us too, Karen.

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