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Make Facebook Look Back Video

Watch Your Facebook Life Flash Before Your Eyes

First Mean Girls, now Facebook. The most dominant social networking platform of the past decade turns 10 today, which officially makes us feel . . . really old. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is celebrating a big milestone birthday himself this year (the big 3-0!), is of course extremely sentimental about the whole thing and wants you to join in on the fun.

Enter: A Look Back, a new feature by Mark and team that takes you deep into your Facebook archives.

See your first posts, most liked statuses, and most liked photos — all backed by a cinematic, feel-good score. It's very Top Moments of Instagram à la Statigram, and this video time capsule will either make you cry or feel extremely embarrassed for your past self.

Just head to, then sign in with your Facebook credentials if you haven't already. Your Facebook highlight reel is already good to go . . . just hit play.

Join The Conversation
Mona15428770 Mona15428770 3 years
How I can get my videos
Muhammad-Yasir15388593 Muhammad-Yasir15388593 3 years
Nice #video
Jakub15372619 Jakub15372619 3 years
I love my video but I couldn't get it on my phone just the six pictures so I got on my computer and tried it and it worked thank you so much! But now I'm starting yo feel old! :)
Simon15366888 Simon15366888 3 years
Mine doesnt work at all, i just get a page of pictures saying thankyou??!! Im not bothered, i just wanna know why? I never got to see my vid.
Lisa15366382 Lisa15366382 3 years
I accidentally deleted mine before thinking. now I can't get back. s*** damn hell
CoMMember13630994822444 CoMMember13630994822444 3 years
I got mine try it now...thank god such a wonderful thing it is
CoMMember13630994822444 CoMMember13630994822444 3 years
try now u will get it
Cherryl15362053 Cherryl15362053 3 years
It has nothing to do with lack of photo or too many photos. I was able to watch my video and share it -- I accidentally deleted it - went back to get it - it was gone and only six photos showing on a page with a big thank you. I couldnt believe that facebook actually did the most perfect fitting video to me and I loved it. I actually got extremely depresssed for a day because it was lost. I so wish I could get it back to share. It was perfect!
Lilzz15361504 Lilzz15361504 3 years
i think its coz of ..lack of photo ..or share sumthing...:o
Robert15361352 Robert15361352 3 years
I've had my facebook sice 2009 and was not able to do this... :/
Ashley15360416 Ashley15360416 3 years
I had my fb since 2008-2009 and never got a video. That's not true if you have it 5 years or more. I seen ppl videos say joined in 2010 and 2011 that's recent. No one knows the real deal til Facebook itself posts about it!
Marie15359143 Marie15359143 3 years
I have some of the same Problem like most of everyone on here. I went back to look at my Facebook/ look back and it was not there. So I went to share it again and it's just showing me 6 pic and not letting me share anything. I want my 10 yrs with fB back.
Keven15355095 Keven15355095 3 years
You don't have a video if you haven't been on facebook at least 5 years. You won't have a "Share" button if you haven't been on facebook long enough. You will only see a few photos on the lookback page. This will not change.
Akash15355020 Akash15355020 3 years
I am unable to make my timeline movie as a new feature added to it. After clicking link. The page appears with a thank you message and 6 of my pics....
CoMMember13630994822444 CoMMember13630994822444 3 years
can anyone pls tell me how to get the look back video back
lloydrachel lloydrachel 3 years
Has anyone worked out how to get the video back?
Melissa15354428 Melissa15354428 3 years
Same thing happened to me this morning. :( It's gone. Only shows pics when I go to the link. How do I get it back?
Luiz15354356 Luiz15354356 3 years
I never watched, didn't even know of this feature when I got into the link my friend gave me and got the same problem, never saw the Play button, only the 6 photos..
Onofreiciuc15353864 Onofreiciuc15353864 3 years
I've got the same problem. I lost my video and now I cant get it back. I hope somebody can tell us how can we get the video back instead of the 6 photos it shows. I would love to get my video back :(
Onofreiciuc15353864 Onofreiciuc15353864 3 years
It happened to me as there any possibility to get back the video ?? I lost it, and now I can see only 6 pictures.....I'm soooo mad :(
Miranda15353656 Miranda15353656 3 years
Me too! I hope they fix it! I had to delete something and when I went back to look again it only gave me six pictures! I want my movie back but I didn't want a post I had about being a mommy because I never became one :(
MichieD MichieD 3 years
I have a somewhat similar issue. Although I joined facebook since 2007, I deactivated facebook some months ago due to exam stress. Upon my return to facebook last week after 3 months missing, my look-back feature now just shows a collage of 6 or so pictures and a thank-you note... Did facebook accidentally comprehend that my account is only one week old due to the last deactivation, therefore did not prepare a video for me? Could someone please show me how to contact facebook technical support team to get answer? Thank you very much!
Steve15353421 Steve15353421 3 years
I loved my Lookback and wanted to save it, just in case it got nuked. Instructions on how to save it can be found at my blog -
Bete15353404 Bete15353404 3 years
OMG same thing is happening to mine! Its so upseting!
Peter15353192 Peter15353192 3 years
i lost my facebook look back video also , now just leave 6 pic to make it appear again?
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