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Monkey That Looks Like Voldemort

Does This Monkey Resemble Lord Voldemort? The Internet Seems to Think So

A monkey recently born at the UK's Paignton Zoo has garnered a lot of attention for its pretty uncanny resemblance to Lord Voldemort.

According to The Mirror, the baby monkey is the first ever to be delivered via a C-section. The zoo's head of veterinary services, Ghislaine Sayers, said, "We have only done three C-sections here in the last 16 years. Jo, our surgeon on this occasion, has performed them on dogs, cats, cows and sheep before – but never a primate."

So while the monkey was brought into this earth in a miraculous manner, it also looks like it could have ties to the dark arts . . . and people on Twitter have plenty of feelings about it. Since the monkey's birth, the hashtag #VoldemortMonkey is full of hilarious reactions.

Image Source: Paignton Zoo
How much does this monkey look like Lord Voldemort?
He's too cute to be compared to the Dark Lord!
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