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Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box Movie Projector

Pizza Hut's New Movie Projector Box Is Freakin' Genius

Peanut butter and jelly. Channing Tatum and shirtlessness. Pizza and movies. Some things just pair together perfectly. And now, Pizza Hut is making it easy to get one of those with a single delivery order. The fast-food company has teamed up with Hong Kong PR firm Ogilvy to create the Blockbuster Box. It might look like your everyday pizza container, but with a few simple steps, it transforms into a smartphone movie projector perfectly suited for date night.

While it's only been available in Hong Kong since mid-April, the Blockbuster Box effort has been so successful that it will soon roll out to other Pizza Hut markets. "When the goods arrive at home, simply pop out the hole, push in the friction-fit lens, and use your phone to scan a code and queue up a flick from Pizza Hut's selection," described DesignBoom of the in-home theater process. Because each box is covered in gorgeous new graphics, you won't be embarrassed to display your pizza projector — in fact, you might want to keep it around well after the credits roll.

There's no date for the box's launch in the US, but we hope that it's one of Pizza Hut's intended launch areas. Can you imagine an easier viewing experience? Cross your fingers for news, because this could change everything.

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