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Squarespace Wedding Website

Wedding Site Templates That Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Squarespace Wedding Website

We are truly, madly, deeply enamored with the new wedding website templates by Squarespace. The website creation platform puts beautiful modern fonts and clean, immersive layouts right at the couple's disposal. If only we could get this kind of insta-beauty for everything else in life.

The best part? You don't have to be a part of the designing, engineering, or wizarding aristocracy to get started. Even plebeians with little tech know-how can create one of Squarespace's professional-looking websites, which are viewable on any screen size: phone, tablet, or desktop.

We took the platform for a spin and can confirm that it is extremely easy to use. Couples just drag and drop photos into an uploader. The images are then processed into many different sizes, so that the site is optimized for large and small screens. Users can then drag images around, play with fonts, and tinker with the site to their liking. Squarespace also has a bunch of wedding-specific features like collecting mailing addresses, custom registry links, RSVP management, and photo galleries.

Sadly, you have to pay to be pretty. Squarespace is not free (unlike these wedding site platforms). Subscriptions start at $8 per month, but compared to the out-of-season dahlia bouquets you just splurged on for the big day, this site is probably one of the more affordable sacrifices you'll have to make. Plus, you get customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which will come in handy during any prewedding breakdowns. Take a look at some of the templates below!

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