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Transgender Guy Takes Selfies Every Day For 3 Years

This Selfie Video Is Way More Powerful Than You Think

Selfies tend to get a bad rep, but they can be used for good. For example, take Jamie Raines, a 21-year-old British guy who took a selfie every day for three years to document something very important — the changes in his appearance as he took testosterone. Jamie is a YouTuber with over 9,000 subscribers, and he often vlogs about his experiences as a young transgender man. He turned his many photos into a beautiful short film, which the UK's Channel 4 news is going to include in a documentary.

Jamie spoke with BuzzFeed News about his transition and his reasons for documenting it through daily selfies. "I'm very happy with what I see in the mirror and very grateful for how I look now," he said. Watch his transformation and then see how another transgender teen felt the first time she received her first dose of hormones.

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