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Valentine's Day Brain Teaser

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, We Can't Solve This Puzzle β€” How 'Bout You?

Happy Valentine's day! :)
Can you find the heart among the snails? <3 🐌

Original post:

Posted by Dudolf on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One brain-teaser inspired by Valentine's Day is causing us to seriously question our eyesight. The optical illusion features many adorable little snails with their shells all various shades of pink and red and asks the viewer to locate the single heart among the snails. Take it from us β€” it isn't easy, mainly because the heart is partially obscured!

If you've given up all hope on trying to find the heart, it's in the upper left-hand quadrant right below the snail in that aforementioned region. The trickiest part about this one, however, is that the heart doesn't stand on its own as you might expect. Instead, it's simply a heart drawn onto one of the existing shell shapes.

Check out the solution here.

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