A Simple Way to Find Out How Smartphone-Addicted You Are

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

It sounds counterintuitive: using your smartphone to break your smartphone addiction. But there are great apps out there dedicated to it, including one called Checky. If you're the type of person who needs to use a smartphone-only sidewalk lane, then Checky might be for you.


The whole point of the simple app is to count how many times a day you check your phone, find out from where, and give you a score to share on social media with the hope of decreasing the number. Developed by Calm — the company behind the website and meditation app that promise to relax your mind — it's available for download now on iTunes and Google Play.

This all sounds like a good idea, but the reality is many of our Checky numbers might not accurately reflect how often we're online. If you check your email and social media from a computer and use a texting desktop service like iMessage, you know you're plugged in way more often than it seems.