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Christmas French Bulldog Brain Teaser

Can You Spot the French Bulldog in This Polar Bear Brain Teaser in Less Than 3 Minutes?

Brain teasers are always fun, especially those of the "Where's Waldo?" variety that challenge me to locate people and/or objects that are lost in a sea of other items. The brain teaser above, which is currently making its way around the internet, is challenging viewers to do just that. In the spirit of Christmas, the great minds over at Canine Cottages have put together a fun little teaser that asks people to spot the single French Bulldog among a crowd of festive polar bears. It might sound easy right now, but it's a little trickier than it might appear — just ask the dozens of other people who've completed the challenge and taken an average of around three minutes to find the lost pup.

Challenge yourself and see how long it takes you to find him by examining the photo above. And if you've already given up at this point, check out the solution ahead, and head over here to test your brainpower with similar brain teasers.

Image Source: Canine Cottages
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