Copy-and-Paste Keypads Are the Tech Tools We Didn't Know We Needed

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Have you ever counted the amount of times you copy and paste something in a day? If a majority of your time is spent doing your silly little tasks on your silly little computer, odds are, it's a lot. Apparently, there's a tech gadget out there that makes copying and pasting ever-so-slightly easier — or at least cuts down on the finger gymnastics you have to do for copy-paste keyboard shortcuts. Yes, copy-and-paste keypads exist, and they've been slowly circulating on TikTok, although opinions appear to be split. While some are wondering where copy-paste keyboards were 10 years ago, others are wondering why anyone would pay money for something you can easily do with a keyboard shortcut for free. Both are valid opinions, and the answer is that it just depends on what you prioritize.

Essentially, copy-paste keypads are macropads (or larger, stand-alone keypads) programmed in a certain way. Most of the copy-paste keypads currently gaining traction on TikTok have a simple design, with two computer keys (one for copy and one for paste) placed side by side on a small pad. They easily plug into a laptop or computer via a USB cord, and some don't require software, meaning you can plug 'em in and immediately start copying and pasting to your heart's content.

One copy-paste keypad going viral on TikTok is The Copy Keyboard ($20), which is currently sold out but is available to preorder for shipment in January 2022. The compact keyboard, which works for both Windows and Mac, is also available in LED variations. If this initial hype is anything to go by, it's likely you'll see similar copy-paste keyboards popping up soon. Will this flip your life upside down? Probably not. Will it save you some time at the end of the day? Sure.