Have Trouble Calculating Tips? Your Apple Watch Can Do the Work For You

We've all been there ā€” that moment you get your bill and just can't seem to compute what 20 percent of your total is, so you either sit there for a minute to do the math in your head or discreetly type the numbers into your phone calculator and hope no one's looking. Well, one TikToker discovered an easy way for Apple Watch users to not only calculate the tip for your bill, but also deduce exactly how to split it based on the number of people in your party. So hey, no judgment here if you need a little mathematical assistance!

In a clip that now has almost two million views, TikTok user @spanishkodeine demonstrates how to use the largely undiscovered feature. First, open the "Calculator" app on your watch and put in the total amount of your bill. Tap "Tip," then turn your digital crown to choose what percentage you'd like to tip. If you're sharing the bill with others, you can also tap "People" and adjust to the number of people you'd like to split amongst. And there you have it ā€” the tip and total amount each person owes, right there in front of you. Watch the video below to see the tutorial for yourself and prepare to have your mind blown.