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How to Find Spotify Birth Chart Using "Only You" Feature

Thank Your Lucky Stars, 'Cause Spotify's New Feature Will Determine Your Musical Birth Chart

There's no one on Spotify quite like you. That's the message of individuality the streaming service hopes listeners walk away with after its latest campaign launched on June 2. The "Only You" feature highlights what makes a user unique, based on their listening habits. Consider this your mid-year Spotify "Wrapped" experience.

A huge takeaway from the new feature is an "Audio Birth Chart" where Spotify sets the soundtrack to your summer by analyzing your top artists. Your Sun is the top artist you listened to over the last six months, your Moon is an artist you listen to that best shows your emotional or vulnerable side, and your rising is an artist you've recently connected with. Pair these musicians with a zodiac affinity playlist? You'll be too powerful.

The "Only You" experience can also determine your dream dinner party. Which three artists would you set the table for? Once you've picked your dinner party guests, Spotify will set up a playlist themed around their songs. It's not quite a meal with Harry Styles, but damn if it isn't close.

In addition to these fun, personalized features, the campaign also determines your "song year" (how you've musically traveled through different time periods), your "time of day" (the music and podcast content you listen either early in the morning or late at night), and your genre/topics (how music and podcast genres set you apart based on your listening habits).

You can find out what musical journey "Only You" are on by interacting with the feature on Spotify's app. Listen to your heart (and your favorite tunes), as you learn something new about your musical tastes.

Image Source: Spotify
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