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What to Know About Instagram's New DM Updates

Instagram Is Rolling Out New DM Features, Including Custom Emoji Reactions and Vanish Mode

What to Know About Instagram's New DM Updates
Image Source: Instagram

Instagram Direct Messages are on the brink of a big makeover. On Wednesday, Facebook announced plans to essentially integrate Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger, allowing users to communicate across the separate apps if they so please. Simply put, a Facebook Messenger user will soon be able to chat with someone on Instagram without needing to download the Instagram app, and vice versa. Users will have control over whether they want to receive such cross-platform messages. The update will also bring a handful of new Messenger-inspired features to Instagram DMs, including selfie stickers, vanish mode, Watch Together, personalized chat colors, and custom emoji reactions, in addition to enhanced privacy tools.

It's unclear exactly when the upgraded experience will become available in the US, but Facebook said in a blog post that it's starting to roll it out in "a few countries around the world," with plans to "expand globally soon." Keep reading ahead to take a closer look at some of the forthcoming updates.

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