It Takes Most People More Than 3 Minutes to Solve This Brain Teaser — Challenge Accepted

There's a tricky new brain teaser in town, so get ready to put your vision and patience to the test. Created by the riddle-making masterminds over at Holiday Cottages in celebration of Valentine's Day, the Where's Waldo?-esque challenge is quite the dizzying doozy, perfect for any fans of the I Spy book series.

Here's the challenge: the illustration features a sea of teddy bears, hearts, and flowers, and you must locate the one hidden teddy that's holding a heart, rather than a bow and arrow. Sure, it may sound like a piece of cake, but most people who've given it a try so far have taken an average of three minutes and 16 seconds to solve it. Think you can beat that?

If you, too, are struggling to find the heart-holding bear in question, we'll give you a hint: it's located somewhere on the righthand side of the clustered scene.

NBC via Giphy

Still stumped? Never fear — we've got the solution right here. If you're in the mood for a similarly tough brain teaser, may we suggest this seek-and-find squirrel puzzle?