Miss Going to Your Favorite Cafe? This Website Brings the Best Coffee-Shop Atmosphere to You

Tell us, is there anything better than going to a local coffee shop to study or get work done? Cafes have the most relaxing and alluring atmospheres, making them one of the best places to read, people watch, and send out all those emails you've been procrastinating on. But sometimes leaving your apartment is out of the question (why change out of your pajamas when you don't have to?) or you're stuck at the office, which is when you wish you could bring the cafe to you. Well, now you can. Meet I Miss My Cafe. This website delivers the best coffee-shop vibes to you, meaning you can instantly transport yourself away from a messy apartment and right to an inviting cafe.

Complete with a soothing Spotify playlist that consists of acoustic hits and chill jams, this website has just the right tunes to make you feel relaxed. The immersive site also features sounds that'll give you the full coffee-shop experience with options to have barista noises in the background and even hear drinks being made. With I Miss My Cafe, you can enjoy the vibes of your favorite cafe in the comfort of your home. Just sip on your preferred caffeinated (or decaffeinated) beverage of choice, and enjoy!