This Note-Taking App Is a Lifesaver For Staying Organized For Class

Doing well in school usually boils down to one big thing: staying organized. Of course, organization doesn't come as easily to some as it does to others. TikTok user and nursing student @cheyanneicrenek introduced her followers to a genius app called GoodNotes, and there's a reason why her video has already racked up more than 160k likes — the app really is genius. Rather than having to lug around heavy textbooks and notebooks, GoodNotes allows you to download all of your textbooks in one place, as well as take notes and highlight right on the pages (which you probably wouldn't want to do to a physical textbook that cost you several hundred dollars). You can even create a split screen and takes notes while you read.

Cheyenne suggests taking advantage of the planner feature, which allows you to download a planner to record all your assignments and due dates. She likes to use a split screen to pull up her syllabus and planner at once, allowing her to make note of important dates at the beginning of the semester. The best part: You can circle text from your syllabus or textbook, and then copy-and-paste that text right into your planner or notebook. Cheyenne recommends color-coding your classes, as GoodNotes offers tons of different highlighter color options.

What else can you do with GoodNotes, you ask? The app offers a global search tool, which allows you to quickly search and find information from your whole library. You can also customize your notebooks with tons of different paper templates, and with the ability to create unlimited folders and subfolders, you'll be able to keep all your class notes sorted. GoodNotes only costs $8 to download and — considering you'd probably spend more money on a single notebook — that's pretty good value. Both your grades and your backpack will thank you.