In a Love Letter Lockdown? Yahoo Mail Can Help

Feeling feels is easy — but expressing them? Not so much. So the engineers at Yahoo Mail slipped in a little Easter egg to inspire lovesick souls to manifest their adoration in words.

If a love letter seems so last century, than give a love email a shot. A virtual valentine is more convenient, but not necessarily more casual! A thoughtful message goes a long way.

Through Sunday, Feb. 16, Yahoo users will be able to take advantage of Autocompose, the first love letter generator built right into an email client. To get started on your warmhearted e-note, log into Yahoo Mail and click on the heart icon next to "Compose" in the upper left.

Then select your level of affection: Crazy in Love, Friendly Love, or All Outta Love. Once you've decided whether or not you want to get real or keep it casual, hit "Autocomplete" until there's a message you like. Yahoo has over 100 million canned responses, so you're bound to find a fitting valentine.

We tried the new Autocompose ourselves and here's what we got:

Crazy in Love

"Dear sugar cookie,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Your strong square jaw has inspired a thousand works of art. A hundred years together would not be enough. You make me feel like a natural woman.


Friendly Love

"To my big-hearted friend,

Having you around keeps things interesting. I've liked almost every single haircut you've ever had! I know I can always trust you to tell me if I have something in my teeth. I'd share my umbrella with you anytime.

With friendly love,

All Outta Love

"To someone who gets me,

Who needs love when we have amazing friends? I'm on the side of love's highway, as the world speeds by. Someone should tell those kissing couples that it's flu season. My heart will go on and on.

Never mind,

Source: Yahoo