An Inside Look at the Luxurious Mexico Resort From "Love Is Blind" Season 2

After a long hiatus following the 2020 release of season one, "Love Is Blind" season two is finally here. And, once again, its cast of romantic hopefuls are sequestered in their cozy, solo pods, ready to spill their guts to a mysterious voice behind a wall in the name of love — still a little weird, sure, but at least a stay at a fancy Mexico resort was waiting for the couples at the end of it, right? For "Love Is Blind" season two, the coupled-up cast members stayed at the TRS Coral Hotel in Cancún, part of the vast Palladium Hotel Group, with luxury properties in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Spain, and Italy. One look at the sprawling TRS Coral property — which you can book a stay at yourself — and it seems like the perfect place to fall in love . . . or to soothe the pain if things don't work out.

Located just outside the center of Cancún, the adults-only TRS Coral Hotel sits toward the Northern edge of the Yucatan Peninsula, right along an expanse of serene, white-sand beaches and crystal-clear ocean water. Every inch of the hotel itself boasts a contemporary design, balancing elevated modern elements, like stunning marble and tufted furniture, with lush greenery. Through the center of the property runs a path lined with towering palm trees, leading to a huge pool and lounge chairs that overlook the beach.

The hotel houses more than 450 luxury suites, featuring lush beds, soaking tubs, and spacious balconies overlooking the gardens and the ocean. Following their stint in the pods, the "Love Is Blind" couples enjoyed suites with swim-up terraces, decorated with boho hanging chairs and daybeds and offering couples immediate access to long, romantic nights in the hotel's enormous pools, à la Iyanna and Jarrette at the start of episode four.

An all-inclusive resort, TRS Coral also boasts an impressive lineup of five exclusive a la carte restaurants serving the best of Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian, and more cuisines. Fans of the show may recognize the El Gaucho restaurant, for example, as the backdrop for Deepti and Abhishek's romantic dinner date in episode five. Alongside these restaurants, guests of the TRS Coral Hotel also have access to a number of bars and other eateries throughout the property.

As fans wait to see how each "Love Is Blind" couple's engagement plays out, take a deeper look inside the TRS Coral Hotel ahead and envision yourself on your own romantic journey to love.