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Beyonce Hairstylist Natural Hair Tips

The Mastermind Behind Beyoncé's Lemonade Braids Gives Her Best Natural Hair Tips

Beyonce Hairstylist Natural Hair Tips
Image Source: Beyoncé / Robin Harper

When it comes to getting a hairstyle that makes you feel fresh and fly, braids are one of the best go-to options. Not only are there are so many different ways to wear them, but they also save you a ton of time while getting ready in the morning. Still, it can be easy to fall into the way of thinking that braids require no maintenance — a rhetoric that celebrity hairstylist Susan Oludele is working to reconstruct.

Oludele, who has been doing hair since she was around 9 years old, specializes in styling natural hair and braids, working with a number of A-list clients from Beyoncé to Solange to Zoë Kravitz. In fact, the cornrows that Beyoncé wears in the music video for Michelle Williams's song "Say Yes" were crafted by Oludele and later inspired the singer's iconic hairdo in the Lemonade visual album. Oh, and Kravitz's intertwined plaits in the movie Dope? She did those, too.

The longtime stylist wants people who get braids or wear their natural hair to understand that there's an art form to it, and it takes special care to maintain its longevity. Read on for a few helpful tips on how to care for box braids, crotchet braids, cornrows, twists, and more.

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