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E.L.F. Cosmetics Primer Sheet Mask

This $2 Sheet Mask From E.L.F. Doubles as a Makeup Primer

I held out on buying a makeup primer for too long. Until I tried one and saw the glorious results for myself, I cynically thought that the extra step was just a ploy from brands to get me to buy another product. But I quickly became a primer-phile after seeing how the formula can lock down makeup to make it last all day while keeping my oily skin in check.

Right now, I use a $150 fancy French option (because #finerthings), but the good news is E.L.F. Cosmetics just started selling a sheet mask that doubles as a primer — and it only costs two damn dollars.

The aptly titled Primer Sheet Mask ($2) works on two levels. It contains vitamin C and hyualuronic acid to hydrate skin and zap down the size of pores. But then it also leaves a priming residue to help prepare your skin for foundation.


We'd recommend using one of these before a big night (using every day would freak your face out), but if you want to stock up, you can buy a set of three for just six bucks.

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