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Fenty Match Stix Packaging Has a Pad at the Top

The 1 Game-Changing Thing You Haven't Noticed About Fenty Match Stix

Unless you're the type of makeup masochist who enjoys watching beauty products get ruined, there is perhaps nothing more soul-crushing that watching your favorite lipstick or chubby stick get pummeled by its own cap. Indeed, once I accidentally twisted a Tom Ford lippie up to its death, and I have still not recovered. Luckily, makeup fairy godmother Rihanna is looking out for us in that respect.

As Hallmark social media lead Thea Neal noted, Fenty's dual-purpose Match Stix ($25) have a pad at the top that "keeps you from ruining it." What a gift.

Plus, remember that Match Stix are magnetic, which means the chubbies are great at attracting all your lost jewelry. As the brand itself tweeted in response, "Told y'all Matchstix are multi-purpose." Truly innovative.

Fenty Match Stix Packaging Has a Pad at the Top
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