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Glitter Face Mask | Joyce Bonelli Kardashian Makeup Artist

Joyce Bonelli Is Launching a Bedazzled Face Mask — Fancy, Huh?

Glitter Face Mask | Joyce Bonelli Kardashian Makeup Artist
Image Source: Warner Music Group

Friends and fam, we have entered a new era. Just a few years ago, glitter makeup was an indulgence usually saved for the occasional nail art and maybe a New Year's Eve eye shadow look if you were feeling frisky. Now, of course, glitter is everywhere from our lips to our lashes — and, as we've seen, even our vaginas are not safe from this shimmering trend.

But there was one frontier that glitter, for the most part, stayed away from — skin care. That's all different now, as made evident by the latest beauty brand getting in on the glimmering action. Joyce Bonelli, a Kardashian-favored makeup artist whom you may remember as the inspiration for Kim's bleach-blond look back in 2015, just announced on Instagram that she's launching a bedazzled face mask. She's calling it the Glitter Scrub Enzyme Mask, and not to alarm you or anything, but it's sort of everything.

In her Instagram, Joyce hinted that the glitter mask might be made of diamonds. As she showed off both the mask and a gigantic rock on her finger, the caption read, "Yes it's REAL and I'm not only talking about the [ring]." So pretty much, this could be one of the most luxurious at-home facials out there — right up there next to Madonna's upcoming $600 magnetic chrome mask. Fancy, huh?

But this isn't the first we've seen of glitter masks, and we doubt it will be the last. While we await announcement of the next sparkling facial, why don't we take a trip down the shimmering memory lane of glitter masks past?

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