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Halloween Body-Paint Costumes

36 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use Body Paint This Halloween

Halloween Body-Paint Costumes
Image Source: Instagram

When Skin Wars debuted in 2014, I became more than a little obsessed with the art form of body painting. The way this technique can be used to turn the human body into a full-on paint canvas is, at least in my personal opinion, one of the coolest costuming methods.

When it comes to Halloween, body paint opens up a virtually endless number of possibilities to have the most creative, creepy, and costume-contest-worthy outfit . . . or, technically, lack thereof. These looks are unique in that they only require two materials — body spandex and the paint itself. And the creative ways to express this are virtually unlimited.

If you're hoping for something guaranteed to impress, I suggest going for a full-body "ensemble." If you're slightly more hesitant or just need a look a bit easier to remove at the end of the night, choose one that focuses solely on the face, neck, and arms. One of the best parts of utilizing body paint is that it makes your costume completely customizable.

To give you some ideas of the many, many ways body paint can be used for Halloween, check out the 36 looks here.

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