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How to Color Correct

The Ultimate Guide to Color Correcting

How to Color Correct

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  • Pinpoint color correction is the extremely detailed spot correction of postblemish pigmentation.
  • The technique has recently been popularized as an alternative to using foundation.
  • We asked professional makeup artists to break down exactly how this technique works.

Color correction is a makeup application technique that's very popular but still fairly misunderstood. So it was no surprise that when content creator and artist Joni Sann created an in-depth video on the method, which involves using contrasting colors to conceal blemishes with minimal product, it went viral. In the video, which currently has over 4 million views, Sann explains how she achieved a full-coverage base, without using foundation, after picking her blemishes. The technique is a more precise version of color correction, also known as pinpoint color correction.

"Pinpoint color correction is similar to spot concealing," Sann tells POPSUGAR. "The process involves localized application of product to target specific trouble areas with the intention of masking or concealing blemishes." Pinpoint color correcting at home may take some getting used to, however, as Sann's method heavily utilizes her intricate knowledge of color theory. "A great place to start pinpoint color correcting is by first using a more accurate representation of color," Sann says. "There are tons of 'color wheels' available at a quick web search. But look for a CMYK+RGB color wheel as a guide to find your perfect color-correcting hues."

We asked Sann to break down everything you need to know about pinpoint color correcting ahead.

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