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How to Color Correct Your Skin | Tutorial

How to Hide Dark Circles, Rosacea, and Dull Skin ASAP

I tend to have a red flush to my skin. It's not full-blown rosacea, but it's red enough that I notice it, and it bothers me. That's how I first learned about color correcting, actually. I realized several years ago that if I used a green primer before applying foundation, it took down the redness and made me use less foundation. Hallelujah!

So yeah, color correcting is a miracle worker of sorts. It's not a cure-all, but if you have dark circles, a blemish, or dull skin, it has transformative powers. And plenty of brands are getting in on the trend: last year, Make Up For Ever came out with several color-correcting and skin-finishing primers. This year, everyone — and I mean everyone — has an option to help eradicate your worst skin woes: YSL, Stila, Tarte, even Beautyblender! (For the record, NYX is a veteran in the color-correcting game.)

There are three ways to color correct, and they're all simple. Green and yellow help cover up redness in the skin, like blemishes or rosacea, while orange and red help with dark circles, and pink and purple shades are the major keys to gorgeous, brighter-looking skin.

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