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How to Conceal a Tattoo With Makeup

Color-Correcting Is the Easiest Way to Conceal a Tattoo

By now, you've likely seen how magical color-correcting can be when it comes to concealing dark circles or brightening sallow skin. But Instagram user rebellemakeup demonstrated the technique's true versatility by showing how it can hide something a little more substantial: a tattoo.

In just a few short seconds, we watch as she uses a creamy orange color-corrector to hide the black ink. The shade she picked makes sense — this warm hue is very effective at canceling out blue and purple tones, which are visible in the midnight text (learn more about choosing the right color-corrector here). She goes on to cover it with concealer, foundation, and several layers of powder.

Though this seems like a bit of an arduous process, the results are absolutely flawless. It's worth trying if you need to hide that tiny tat before going to your grandma's birthday party! View how it works below.

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